Cookie policy

Cookie policy
According to the provisions of the Privacy Guarantor Provision n. 229 of 8/5/2014, the following Cookie Policy was prepared to describe the types of cookies used by the site and the reasons and conditions for their use.

This site uses:
– technical cookies, necessary for the navigation to function correctly;
– analytical type cookies, used exclusively for aggregate and anonymous information with statistical purposes.
The site does not use profiling or social sharing cookies.

1. What are cookies?
When you access a website from any device, small text files called “cookies” are usually sent and stored on the device itself.
Cookies are very common and are used by many websites, since they allow the website manager to obtain useful information, such as, for example, to know if a computer (or even its user) has visited the website previously, and which pages you visited. In general, the purpose of cookies is to improve the functioning of the website and the operation of the user in the use of the same. Cookies can also be used to send advertising messages, which has prompted the Privacy Guarantor to issue the aforementioned provision.
For more information on what cookies are and how they work, you can consult, for example, the Wikipedia site.

2. Types of cookies
Cookies can be classified according to their type of use:
– TECHNICAL cookies (navigation, session, functionality, analytics);
– PROFILING cookies
– THIRD PARTY cookies

2.1 – TECHNICAL navigation or session cookies
SThey are used in order to transmit a communication to allow the correct use of the website. These cookies can be distinguished on the basis of their persistence on the user’s terminal: those that are automatically deleted at the end of each navigation, are called “session cookies”. If, on the other hand, they have a longer life, we talk about permanent cookies.
The prior consent of the user is not required for the installation of these cookies.

2.2 – TECHNICAL functionality cookies
They are used to provide services or to remember settings to improve the user’s visit and experience on the site. They allow the user to browse according to a set of selected criteria (for example, the language). The prior consent of the user is not required for the installation of these cookies.

2.3 – TECHNICAL cookies analytics
They are similar to technical cookies when used directly by the site manager to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and how they visit the site. These cookies collect information on how a website is used and allow the owner of a website to have a better knowledge of its users and to improve the functioning of the website (for example: the pages visited, the errors that can be encountered, the calculation of the users who are using the services in order to ensure the necessary capacity for fast navigation).
In some cases, some of these cookies are managed by third parties (for example, Google Analytics), but they are not allowed to use cookies for purposes other than those listed above.
The prior consent of the user is not required for the installation of these cookies.

2.4 – PROFILING cookies
Profiling cookies are aimed at creating user profiles and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the user in the context of web browsing. Due to the particular invasiveness that such devices can have in the private sphere of users, European and Italian legislation requires that the user must be adequately informed about their use and express their valid consent, as well as allowing any time their uninstallation.
This site does not use cookies of this type.

2.5 – THIRD PARTY cookies
“Third party” cookies are defined as those provided by third parties with respect to the site owner, who provide these services in exchange for information regarding the user’s visit. This also applies to third-party cookie suppliers with the obligation to comply with the relevant legislation. For this reason, please refer to the links to the web pages of the third party website, in which the user can find the cookie collection consent forms and their related information.
Here is a list of the aforementioned third-party services used on the site:
– Google Analytics: the complete regulation can be found at this link:

2.6 – Social sharing cookies
These cookies facilitate the sharing of site content through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If there are links to these sites, to view the respective privacy and cookie policy you can visit the websites of the social networks themselves.
This site does not use cookies of this type.

3. How to change cookie settings

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but the user can normally change the settings to disable this function.
It is possible to block all types of cookies, or to accept only a few and disable others. The “Options” or “Preferences” section in the browser menu allows you to avoid receiving cookies and other user tracking technologies, and how to get notification from the browser of the activation of these technologies. Alternatively, you can also consult the “Help” section of the toolbar in most browsers.
It is important to remember that the complete deactivation of all cookies, including technical ones, can lead to an anomalous functioning of the site you are visiting.

4. Cookies used by this site
The following are the cookies used by the site:

Name Type Detail Description
Google Analytics Third-party analytics .ga; .gat; _utmc; _utmv; _utmb; _utma; _utmz Used for anonymous collection of information on connected users
JavaScript Technical, for Session .has_js Used to keep information about authorization to use JavaScript active